Clients come back to buy more in our stores

“During my professional life i have had the opportunity to work at BoConcept as a Design Consultant and as a BCU coach, and training of interior decorators is not only about product and sales techniques (which are very important), but its really about how to connect emotionally with the clients, to help them with what they need in their homes and what they need in their lives. When we have used house coaching tools as part of the training of the store teams, the results have been extraordinary. The sales teams have understood the responsibility they have with the clients and that it goes far beyond only decorating a space. This new understanding is what makes a difference in our clients lives and as a result in the sales of the stores. In terms of KPI’s, there is a direct impact in the Hit Rate, since The clients are much more confident in buying from the design consultants, because they trust them with their most personal aspect that is their home. There’s also an increase in the Basket Size and traffic because these are clients who come back to us to buy more for their spaces, because we can make them feel safe and happy in their homes.”

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